28 April 2012

Carousel Circus

So this was another one of my projects from my Advanced Higher last year. My theme was based on the circus and this was also inspired by a carousel. Its probably one of my favourite pieces, probably the hardest to make but the most rewarding and visually appealing!! I used two kids hula hoops to create the structure of the piece that was to represent a circus tent but also a carousel. A lot of measurements had to made for this!

I had limited materials to use and I had quite a low budget really and kept it to plastics, cards and paper and some other materials! The front of the design is to represent the front of a circus tent where these 'circus shapes' are also featured to add mystery. I then attached braces which I bought on ebay so that it could be worn on a person and Flora kindly modelled for me again! It was a lot of work but certainly very fun to make! I went through a lot of development to arrive at my final outcome and my work finally paid off.This design was highly inspired by Manish Arora which makes crazy designs!

Also got my results back and I passed all my projects in first year at art school so I'm a very happy girl!! And got accepted to do Jewellery and Metalwork Design as my degree in 2nd year!

Thanks for reading

Kaela x

24 April 2012

Fashion Against Aids

In it's fifth year of launching the Fashion Against Aids collections, H&M helps create awareness of HIV/AIDs amongst the young but also raising funds as 25% of the purchase price are donated to HIV/AIDs prevention. It's the best collection yet in my eyes with it's ethnic inspiration from around the globe but also the affordability is a major plus. There is a modern twist in the way the traditional ethnic pattens are being used by the style of how the garments are cut to the use of bright vibrant colours.The collection will be available in 300 H&M divided departments from the 26th of April, so fingers crossed its going to be in mine but if not, there is always online! 

Here are  a few of my favourites:

                   Jacket: £24.99                      Dress: £14.99

Bustier: £14.99

The garment above is definitely in my Must Have, Must Buy list at £14.99! It's a gorgeous dip dyed flowy high-low top, perfect for the summer.
Flora x

23 April 2012

Animalism Project

This project was based on animalism and how we can take inspiration from animals and make pieces of art from it. So my inspiration were bees & wasps, not exactly animals more insects but I was keen to be influenced by their habitat and what they look like visually. You can see from the patterns on my design that I was going for a honey comb effect which of course is associated with bees. I experimented with different materials and colours. I actually used bubble wrap to create this pattern, just shows how experimental you can be with limited resources.
After creating the honey comb patterns, I put these into laminating pouches were I always inserted wire which holds the shape and structure of the piece. I love wire!! After each pouch comes out of the laminator you can cut and fold each piece into what ever shape you want. I created these cone shapes or varies sizes, colours and I experimented with transparency. These were to represent the wings of bees and wasps and to show that they are very fragile. After creating one cone, I made lots and eventually it developed into creating this structure. I have used wire again to place each cone onto and wire holds the shape very well. As I have made individual cones, it allows the design to take hold of alternative shapes in which you can move all of the cones to show it is not a 'fixed' design.
I think I have been successful is creating a design that is very visually appealing with using the limited resources I choose to work with. Thank you to Flora for modelling and editing the photos for me! This project was one of many many project I have done this year in my first year at art school, I collect my results on Friday so wish me luck!

Kaela x

22 April 2012

Primark (is that really you?!) vs Mary Katrantzou

So when I logged into my Marie Claire app on my iPhone this morning, I couldn't believe my eyes! Primark have really upped their game for their Summer 2012 Collection. I picked out my favourite outfits I saw from the photos and I got to say, I am in love with some of their new designs and with the price tag it is irresistible. This lovely dress is perfect for summer which features a chain detail as a belt. 

Who would have thought these were Primark designs?! I LOVE this mustard yellow dress. They've got some lovely shades and floral patterns in at the moment perfect for your summer wardrobe!

                       Mary Katrantzou                                                               Primark

              Mary Katrantzou                                  Primark: Jacket (£25) Trousers (£16)

The copy cat outfit came into the lime light of the media when designer Michael Van Der Ham posted a photo of the Primark trouser set on twitter to which he added, "Thank you Primark for ripping off Mary Katrantzou. Very supportive."

"It is completely shameful. Primark should take it off sale immediately. They wouldn't dare do this to a big label like Jimmy Choo or Prada, but they know young designers are in a weak position." Melanie Rickey, fashion editor of Grazia.  

I do agree with this statement that new and young designers are of course in a weak position starting out in the fashion industry however, who can blame Primark for wanting up their game in such a competitive industry? 

At a fraction of the price, this Primark blazer and trouser set is much more friendlier to the bank accounts of students such as myself. The trouser set that arrived in Primark recently has obviously been inspired by the designer Mary Katrantzou's Spring collection shown last September in London. So if you wanted an alternative look to the Mary Katrantzou floral prints then you can head on down to Primark. Unfortunately for many of us, something like this is just not affordable so high-street chains allow us fashion followers to be fashionable at a much more affordable price range. I know it isn't the real deal but for now I can only dream.

The designer, Mr Van De Ham also added, "It is dispiriting that big high-street chains copy from young designers. It's hard enough setting up a new business without this."

 If I were the Greek designer Mary Katrantzou, I wouldn't know if this was a threat or a compliment? In some ways, it could be viewed as both. Although Primark have blatantly done a copy cat version of this outfit, they have been inspired by one of the best new and upcoming designers out there. If I were the designer, I would definitely take this as a compliment and look at the positive aspects. For one, she is getting a lot of media attention alone from the Primark trouser set and this is all publicity for her. Also with being a new designer, her designs are inspirational enough for high-street chains to want to supply their customers with a similar version. It will definitely keep fashion trend spotters on their toes for the future which means this designer is one to look out for!

Although in some ways I am supporting high-street chains, I do believe that Mary Katrantzou is a fantastic designer, her prints and patterns are very inspiration to the fashion industry and she is definitely on her way to make it big.

So I will be going to London in less than 2 weeks (eek!) and will be visiting lots of exhibitions. One of them I will add to the list is 'Designs of the Year' 2012 Exhibiton at the Design Museum where Mary Katrantzou is also featured and I will be able to see her designs in the flesh! So for the meantime, if I can't support new designers by purchasing their designs right off the catwalk, I can at least support them by visiting exhibition such as this!

Would love to hear some thoughts on this, great for high-street fashion lovers or just bad for the fashion industry?

Thank you for reading

Kaela x

19 April 2012

Slow Day

(Cardigan, Crop Top, Shoes:Topshop, Shorts, Scarf :Thailand, Belt:Vintage, Bag:Amazon, Bracelet:Rox, Watch:Armani)

I have recently been studying for my exams, which are less than a month away but each day are becoming ever slower! Now I am not the biggest of studiers, probably never will be, but i do always allow myself to get out of the house and enjoy some time away from the stressful work of revising. And when i do, i love to get dressed to feel good about myself also treating myself also helps.

This has to my favourite cardigan, it's basically a blanket with holes, it's oversized baggy and super warm. I bought the canvas duffle bag for £7 off Amazon, it's a great rucksack to shove stuff in and go. I really do not know why i wanted it, but just recently i thought it'll be useful.

The crop top is nicely detailed with embroidery, i like garments that look quite simple but have really intricate detailing. The silk scarf is my Grandma's from Thailand who gratefully gave to me. When an outfit is looking a bit dull, it's an easy piece to add some colour.

 The pearl bracelet was a gift, i do have a fascination with pearls. I remember being around 5 years of age and walking a long a beach in Thailand, which stalls after stalls full of pearl all different shape colours and sizes.

These shoes are my most recent purchase! They are a great height so you can dress them up or just wear them casually. Where i am from not many people wear heels just for daily wear and especially not many teens but it's great to find a pair that aren't scrutinised by people like there is toilet paper stuck on my shoe. It's good to be different and look unique from the crowd because everyone is different and should be able to wear what they want without being judged or given funny looks. 

Flora x

17 April 2012

Chanel's Limited Edition Denim Nail Polish

So last September Chanel had released three new 'denim jean' inspired nail polish colours created by Peter Philips, Creative Director of Chanel Makeup. They actually didn't come into the UK till long after that! From left the colours come in Blue Rebel, Coco Blue and Blue Boy. Many people have blogged about the new colours saying that it was actually out last September only for one month last but they are actually still in shops in the UK so you can still get a hold of these lovely colours! 

This is a picture I put up on my instagram and you can see that I have the Blue Boy nail polish shade. They are a lot more expensive than your average nail polish as they are £17.50 but you've got to treat yourself every once in a while! They also gave out cute denim badges inside the Chanel bag that we got with the nail polish. Follow me @kaela_hoggy

Kaela x

16 April 2012

My Portraitures

 This is my Thai Grandmother and I miss her dearly..I showed her this over Skype one day and she asked me why I gave her so many wrinkles! haha but I was purely trying to draw a true definition of her with chalk pastels. I did this using a photograph I took of her whilst we were at the market in Thailand.
 So this is Flora, I made her noise slightly too pointy and her face too chubby but it is all part of the learning curve.
 This is my best friend Verity, pretty happy with the results but I think I should've done more on her hair?! Overall, chalk pastels is probably my favourite material to use with my artwork, I love the blending of colours it enables you to work with!
These are my colour block faces that I did with paint. It is a very different style to the portraits above and I think these are quite playful and fun. The one on the left is of myself, and the right was taken from my boyfriend and I at prom! I think I was quite successful in using blocks of colour to produce a recognisable image of the face! All of these portraits were part of my portfolio that I submitted for art school application.

We are taking an art trip to London next month with my art school which I am soo excited about and will get the opportunity to visit exhibitions such as Damien Hirst, Lucien Freud and Yayoi Kusama amongst others. There is also a Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum in London where you can see his designs, the design process and how the shoes are made!

Thanks for reading!
Kaela x

14 April 2012

Oh we do like to be beside the seaside

So not in a bikini or anything as don't exactly live in 30 degrees heat but this is what we can put up with and it was freezing! Still pretty nice though, this is a beach in Broughty Ferry outside Dundee in Scotland.
I bought this fun 'camera' bag for Flora from Asos as a Christmas present but I borrowed it for the day :) 
Love my aviator sunglasses, they reflect everything! Also like the cut out shoulder detail in this top along with the sequinned lightning bolt!
Picked up this cute ring in H&M two days ago for £1.99!

I've been wanting these tiger earrings from Topshop forever so when they finally went on sale I snapped them up straight away! They've got a pretty good jewellery sale on at the moment.

What I'm wearing:
Jacket: H&M
Top: Topshop
Shorts: Vintage Levi (Flora cut up Mum's old jeans!)
Boots: H&M
Handbag: Asos
Sunglass: Asos
Ring: H&M
Earrings: Topshop

Thank you for reading!

Kaela x

13 April 2012


Today I went to drop off my art portfolio at Dundee, which is where my sister is currently studying. I haven't been uploading much lately as I've been working hard on my portfolio. We didn't decide to go to the beach till later on today so I'm not really dressed appropriately bar from my Sebago boat shoes, which are the comfiest shoes i own. Also as it's Scotland wearing lots of layers is the norm to do so on the beach. It was slightly sunny, which is always a plus so I managed to bring out the Ray Bans. I'm wearing this purple/copper glittery top that I dressed down with my navy cape shirt and added some chains to give my outfit some detail. I'm not usually keen on an abundant about of jewellery but I couldn't resist today. They're 2 chains from Topshop looped around twice, I thought it went pretty nicely. Then with my clutch bag and a good pair of cuffed pinstripe jeans and I was good to go.

(T-shirt: Zara, Cape Shirt: Zara, Jeans: Warehouse, Chains: Topshop, Clutch: Zara, Boat Shoes: Sebago)

Flora x

11 April 2012

Pink on pink

 Had a pretty chilled out day today, dropped off my little brother at the cinema to see a film with friends then went shopping with Mum. Ooft forgot how blonde I am now! These pictures were taken at University of Stirling campus and its probably one of the nicest campuses in the UK. 
 Mother feeding the ducks!

 I'm wearing a blazer that I picked up the other day in H&M and I love the shade of pink which I think will go with a lot of outfits! Also wearing a slightly metallic cropped top I got in the sale in Topshop which is where the slightly high waisted jeans are from too. I looooove these jeans, just a nice pop of colour to brighten an outfit plus the weather was pretty dreary today so I needed to wear something to make me cheery. I'm wearing brogue wedges that I got in Zara and had my eye on these for agees but couldn't afford them so when they went on sale I snapped them up! I love them, always get compliments on these shoes!

 When I was shopping today, Topshop had a wee jewellery sale and thought that these earrings matched perfectly and I live the sort of dip dye/ombre effect, also had my eye on these earrings for ages! Will be wearing them all the time.
(Blazer: H&M, Top: Topshop, Jeans: Topshop, Watch: Emporio Armani, Shoes: Zara)

Love getting out the winter clothes now that its coming into Spring!
Kaela x

09 April 2012

Blonde Asian!

 I know to some people this is a no go area for asians but I did it...lightened my hair even more!! Was a risk but I'm pretty happy with the results, never had hair this light before..its not too blonde though. If it was more blonde I don't think it would look right with my skin tone, I might go gradually lighter, I might not or maybe do something crazy and dye my entire head bright purple! My parents prefer my hair natural but thats parents for you...its too boring to have your hair the same and I always need a change. Decided to not get my fringe back as I want to grow it out for summer!
A lot of asians dye their hair blonde to look more causasian but that isn't why I'm doing it, I simply like to experiment with my hair :) Below are some images of asians that I think suit the blonde hair they have got.

Kaela x