24 April 2012

Fashion Against Aids

In it's fifth year of launching the Fashion Against Aids collections, H&M helps create awareness of HIV/AIDs amongst the young but also raising funds as 25% of the purchase price are donated to HIV/AIDs prevention. It's the best collection yet in my eyes with it's ethnic inspiration from around the globe but also the affordability is a major plus. There is a modern twist in the way the traditional ethnic pattens are being used by the style of how the garments are cut to the use of bright vibrant colours.The collection will be available in 300 H&M divided departments from the 26th of April, so fingers crossed its going to be in mine but if not, there is always online! 

Here are  a few of my favourites:

                   Jacket: £24.99                      Dress: £14.99

Bustier: £14.99

The garment above is definitely in my Must Have, Must Buy list at £14.99! It's a gorgeous dip dyed flowy high-low top, perfect for the summer.
Flora x


  1. I love the bustier and the long pink dress as well, tomorrow I'll definetely go and shop everything! :)

    Love your blog, follow each other's both with GFC and facebook?
    It would be great!

    Tati ♥ pearls
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  2. Hi darling,I just found your blog,and I love it! I like the way you write your posts and choice of your photos.My old blog is was hacked,so I am following YOU now, because Im searching for new great blogs to follow.
    I will be honored if you come visit my blog and follow it if you like it :) Have a nice day :)

  3. So funny, I actually just recently bought a t-shirt from urban outfitters that has the exact same cut as the last garment you mentioned. It's such a cool piece to have! Can't wait to wear it out once the weather starts warming up!


  4. Really like your blog dear!
    Keep posting!!

  5. I really love the last outfit! and yes, it is always a plus because it's for a good cause.

  6. so wonderful!


  7. Some gorgeous pieces here, I love the bustier! x


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