30 May 2012

Colour Clash

(Necklace: Ebay, Vest: Topshop, Belt: Vintage, Shorts: Mother's, Sandals: Topshop, Clutch:H&M)

There has been a lack of post, due to exams, major apology. Anyways they are over and done with just in time for the summer to begin! Scotland has received Amazing weather meaning that i've got a beautiful tan, being part asian really helps to tan quickly and easily without burning. With this brilliant weather, which means brilliant outfits! Here's one to bring in the summer with some colour clashing of coral and turquoise - my favourite colours for this summer. I'm meant to be keeping the clutch for my prom, but it's become so easy to use and add such a great pop of colour. These shorts were actually my mother's trousers, there is a substantial height difference between us, therefore i couldn't wear the trousers without looking ridiculous. I took the drastic snip of scissors to them and turning them into perfectly fitted high waisted shorts. I am going to venice on Sunday for a week, meaning once again a lack of post but don't despair. I will be taking lots of photos and outfits while i'm over there! Kaela is in Turkey right now lapping up the sunshine, so hopefully she'll have lots of photos too. If you want to keep up with our daily lives we both have instagram, Kaela's is @Kaela_Hoggy and Mine is @FloraHogg. 
Flora x

02 May 2012

The Cherry Blossom

I love this time of year! Spring has to be my favourite season because
 everything seems to be blooming and coming out of the dark winter days
 into a transmission before the long summer evenings. Yesterday I went to
 my dad's farm to see the wee fluffy white lambs, they are all so adorable! 

I am the kind of person who finds a lot of things hilarious,
 usually when it's not meant to be funny and when I do I laugh
 until tears stream down my face. There isn't much of a
 middle ground but I went to go see American Pie The Reunion tonight!
 I had many good chuckles and was smiling all the way through,
 especially with the unexpected ending! I'd throughly recommend it, 
slightly rude in some parts but nevertheless adds to the hilariousness!  

(Beaded T-Shirt: Thailand, Jacket: Zara, Skirt: Topshop, Boat Shoes: Sebago)

Flora x