16 April 2012

My Portraitures

 This is my Thai Grandmother and I miss her dearly..I showed her this over Skype one day and she asked me why I gave her so many wrinkles! haha but I was purely trying to draw a true definition of her with chalk pastels. I did this using a photograph I took of her whilst we were at the market in Thailand.
 So this is Flora, I made her noise slightly too pointy and her face too chubby but it is all part of the learning curve.
 This is my best friend Verity, pretty happy with the results but I think I should've done more on her hair?! Overall, chalk pastels is probably my favourite material to use with my artwork, I love the blending of colours it enables you to work with!
These are my colour block faces that I did with paint. It is a very different style to the portraits above and I think these are quite playful and fun. The one on the left is of myself, and the right was taken from my boyfriend and I at prom! I think I was quite successful in using blocks of colour to produce a recognisable image of the face! All of these portraits were part of my portfolio that I submitted for art school application.

We are taking an art trip to London next month with my art school which I am soo excited about and will get the opportunity to visit exhibitions such as Damien Hirst, Lucien Freud and Yayoi Kusama amongst others. There is also a Christian Louboutin exhibition at the Design Museum in London where you can see his designs, the design process and how the shoes are made!

Thanks for reading!
Kaela x


  1. These are so amazing you are so talented!:)x

  2. Oh wow!! These are stunning! I hope you get recognised for your talent, keep doing what you're doing :-)


  3. Amazing artwork! Love the image of your grandmother the most; I find it very hard to paint older people, because of their wrinkles, but you did a wonderful job here.



  4. I love the chalk drawings - they are amazing!! x

  5. oh my, you are so talented! I love how intricate the colours of flora's blonde hair are.


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