28 April 2012

Carousel Circus

So this was another one of my projects from my Advanced Higher last year. My theme was based on the circus and this was also inspired by a carousel. Its probably one of my favourite pieces, probably the hardest to make but the most rewarding and visually appealing!! I used two kids hula hoops to create the structure of the piece that was to represent a circus tent but also a carousel. A lot of measurements had to made for this!

I had limited materials to use and I had quite a low budget really and kept it to plastics, cards and paper and some other materials! The front of the design is to represent the front of a circus tent where these 'circus shapes' are also featured to add mystery. I then attached braces which I bought on ebay so that it could be worn on a person and Flora kindly modelled for me again! It was a lot of work but certainly very fun to make! I went through a lot of development to arrive at my final outcome and my work finally paid off.This design was highly inspired by Manish Arora which makes crazy designs!

Also got my results back and I passed all my projects in first year at art school so I'm a very happy girl!! And got accepted to do Jewellery and Metalwork Design as my degree in 2nd year!

Thanks for reading

Kaela x


  1. Wow, your picctures are great. They look lovely

  2. cute!!!


  3. amazing!love it!

  4. wow very creative, you are very talented.


  5. Yes very very creative. Like it and like your blog. :) You have a new follower now. :) I would be happy about a visit on my blog. :)

  6. I love Manish Arora, can you explain your method ? I would like to do for Carnival!!


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