23 April 2012

Animalism Project

This project was based on animalism and how we can take inspiration from animals and make pieces of art from it. So my inspiration were bees & wasps, not exactly animals more insects but I was keen to be influenced by their habitat and what they look like visually. You can see from the patterns on my design that I was going for a honey comb effect which of course is associated with bees. I experimented with different materials and colours. I actually used bubble wrap to create this pattern, just shows how experimental you can be with limited resources.
After creating the honey comb patterns, I put these into laminating pouches were I always inserted wire which holds the shape and structure of the piece. I love wire!! After each pouch comes out of the laminator you can cut and fold each piece into what ever shape you want. I created these cone shapes or varies sizes, colours and I experimented with transparency. These were to represent the wings of bees and wasps and to show that they are very fragile. After creating one cone, I made lots and eventually it developed into creating this structure. I have used wire again to place each cone onto and wire holds the shape very well. As I have made individual cones, it allows the design to take hold of alternative shapes in which you can move all of the cones to show it is not a 'fixed' design.
I think I have been successful is creating a design that is very visually appealing with using the limited resources I choose to work with. Thank you to Flora for modelling and editing the photos for me! This project was one of many many project I have done this year in my first year at art school, I collect my results on Friday so wish me luck!

Kaela x


  1. That is superb! Nice and creative :)

  2. This is really inventive! Love it.



  3. Hey sweetie! You have a very beautiful blog with a lot of inspiring posts! I'd like to invite you to be my friend and follow each other:)

  4. Wow, so inspiring amazing pics.


  5. Crazy amazing. I would love to own something in that print!


    1. i would to be able to use this print and use it on a scarf or dress design or something!

  6. This print is gorgeous and the way you've worked with the materials to create something so unique are lovely. I came across this blog today and I've really enjoyed reading it. You've both got a great talent and clearly work well together.

    Follow for follow?

    :) Terri x


  7. wonderful post you are very gifted!!



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