10 July 2012

London Art Trip

So I have been meaning to post this ageeeees ago (2 months to be specific!). We took a trip with our art school DJCAD down to London where we could any galleries we want! Here are just some snaps from the trip :)
Oxford Street where we spent over 2 hours in the massiveeeee Topshop!!

 Bricklane where we did most of our vintage shopping!
 Vintage Shopping, Bricklane

The vintage shops in Bricklane were absolute amazing- I would do anything to go back just to go vintage shopping! Picked up some really nice pieces. I will probably do another blog post on my purchases from London :)

 We also all got randomly interviewed by Cherry from bbc3 loool

 Damien/Kusama exhibitions-both amazing!

 I don't know if she realised she was sitting in between two butt cheeks meheeh

 I was in heaven inside this exhibition at the Design museum, totally up my street and who doesn't love louboutin?!! Unfortunately no pictures we're allowed but the shoes were of course AMAZING.

 Don't know why but this area of London reminded me of Toronto?!

I'm just too cool.



  1. looks like you had a fantastic time there! great pics!

    do you want to follow each other (on bloglovin' and gfc)? let me know!
    see you around!


  2. You went to Brick Lane! So glad you liked it - I grew up and went to school on Brick Lane and I go back nearly every weekend, it's such a brilliant area with some awesome bars and restaurants.

    The pictures are lovely :)

    - Terri x


    1. You are so lucky to have grown up in such a great area, i loved it, its such a cute area :) vintage shopping was my favourite hehe x

  3. Plaaaaaaaaaatform 9 3/4!!!!It was in King's Cross? ow, how did your trip to hogwarts!? Amazing!

    By the way dear, you won an award in my blog ;) Check it!


    1. Yeahhh this was just in the new bit in King's Cross station haha, it was a photo opportunity! whats the award for?! I'm intrigued! haha thank you though! kaela xxxx

  4. thanks for stopping by, happy to follow you back! xx

  5. Oh my goshhhh..... looks like you had a great time there.... love the vintage stores... great snapshots of the trip... awesome!

  6. These are all very beautiful photos!!!! Art trip is always so fun to go :)



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