30 March 2012

Scottish Sun

So for those of you who live in the UK or more specifically Scotland, know that we've had AMAZING weather recently..for us anyway and I've been taking advantage by getting the summer wardrobe out! I've totally been having Marilyn Monroe situations with the wind though! Just back from a meeting at art school in Dundee where I wore this dress that doesn't get out very often. I love the vibrancy of colour and the material! I actually purchased this dress from Topshop a few years from a limited line designed by Barbara Hulanicki for a bargain of £9 :O down from £60...I always tend to find amazing bargains like this. The wedges are by Ash which were over £100 but Flora got them for just £29! Also got the fringe hoop earrings from Topshop which were also in the sale! The brown belt is my Mum's vintage belt. 

                        (Dress: Topshop, Belt: Vintage, Earrings: Topshop, Wedges:Ash)

Also, I don't normally wear my hair like this- my fringe is at that awkward growing out stage so I purchased this hairband from H&M for £1.99. Might get the fringe back soon though!

Kaela x


  1. OOO your dress is so pretty! And I love the color!


  2. thank youu :D u just wanna twirl about in it all day haha

    love your blog :)xxx

  3. Thanks :*

    AMAZING, I'm in love with your dress !


  4. Beautiful dress! :)



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